Wonders of Japan you may not know (the new list)

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August 16, 2017
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Where to buy Japanese Ring Puzzle in …?
September 11, 2017
Cherry blossoms

Cherry blossoms at Hirosaki Castle

Wonders of Japan: What are they?

Undoubtedly, Japan is an awesome country with breath-taking sightseeings, proud history, and advanced technology. Today, let’s get ourselves updated on five wonders of Japan in this decade.

1. Mount Fuji

Obvious? No. Have you ever stopped for a second to ask why this mountain has emerged to be the icon of Japan but not any other mountains?

If you get interested, read Why Mount Fuji Endures as a Powerful Force in Japan written by Franz Lidz. You will be surely surprise.

wonders of japan

The stunning view of Mount Fuji

2. Sushi

Do you know that sushi caught on originally as a cheap, quick snack to eat with the hands while enjoying a theater performance? And now, it has involved to be a premium specialty dish around the world.

The original type of sushi, known today as nare-zushi was first made in Southeast Asia, maybe along what is also known as the Mekong River (Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, Burma, Laos).

wonders of Japan

No matter where it comes from, the Japanese has elevated this dish to become a national treasure.

Even fresh sushi is frozen first. Food safety regulations in the US and Europe require that raw fish be frozen for a certain amount of time to kill parasites.

In Europe, raw fish must have been frozen at -20 degrees Celsius for at least 24 hours. Even the freshest raw fish served in Western sushi restaurants has been frozen, which damages the original taste and texture.

Japanese sushi masters are trained to recognize potential problems such as flukes and parasites in fish and avoid serving them.

3. Japanese Ring Puzzle

This wooden puzzle is a contemporary wooden disentanglement puzzle that spins the whole world around. Don’t get deceived by its simple look and rule.

A lot of puzzle experts have failed to attempt solving it at the first place, and people around the world are craving to get it at all costs.

The puzzle production had ceased a few years ago before Garage9 initiated the return with a newly handcrafted Japanese Ring Puzzle with meticulous craftsmanship and FREE global shipping policy.

buy Japanese ring puzzle

With the rapid adoption of this puzzle, it is no doubt that Japanese Ring Puzzle has become a new wonder of Japan by all measures.

Thanks to Garage9, now you can easily grab one (or two) at: https://garage9.net/product/japanese-ring-puzzle/

Japanese Ring Puzzle (Video + FREE shipping)

The team at Garage9 is further developing a new line of this Japanese ring rope puzzle to catch up with the ever-changing need of modern customers.

black japanese ring puzzle

This premium Japanese Ring Puzzle made from black wood deserves its place in the list of wonders of Japan.

This black ring puzzle of Japan is particularly great to gift during Halloween time (with free Halloween theme removable stickers from the original hand-crafters).

japanese ring puzzle

Here is our prototype with the LGBT’s flag painted on as our attempts to foster equality. Beautiful right?

Needless to say, this Japanese hard ring puzzle is the only Japanese wonder where you can get from virtually anywhere.

4. Sado

One of Japan’s traditions is the “tea ceremony”. In a solemn atmosphere, the act of making the tea is carried out, a novelty for foreigners.

wonders of Japan

Tea-lover or not, it does not matter. It is the ambience and atmosphere that matters. I’d love to indulge in this experience every day for the rest of my life.

This atmosphere is something that can only be felt in Japan and will definitely become a wonderful personal experience.

5. Cherry blossom (Sakura)

For the last wonder of Japan, I will let the photos do the talking. A picture is worth thousands of words.

wonders of Japan


Cherry blossoms

Cherry blossoms at Hirosaki Castle

Here is our new curated list of wonders of Japan. Do you think we miss any wonder that is worth mentioning in this decade? Let us know by your comments.