How to solve Japanese Ring Puzzle? (with video)

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July 5, 2017
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solve Japanese Ring Puzzle

Hi, this is Josh and again, and today I will joyfully show you how to solve Japanese Ring Puzzle properly (which means you don’t have to break it into pieces to get the metal ring from the green bead to the red’s).

This post is originally prohibited by my colleagues; however, a sheer number of pathetic puzzle solvers has moved me. I decide to rescue you all from the mess that I (we) have created in the first place – to sell you the Japanese Ring Puzzle.

Firstly, to make sure we are talking about the same ring puzzle I will show an image below:

loop de loop

The wooden puzzle is sometimes called Loop de Loop, Japanese hard ring puzzle, Japanese ring rope puzzle, Japanese ring puzzle red and green ball (?!), etc. However, I prefer to just call it Japanese Ring Puzzle.

Visually, it consists of a thick wooden base, a cylindrical round stick, a wooden ring attached to the top of the stick, a rope, a metal ring, and 2 beads painted in different colors (usually green and red).

If it lacks of any element, then it’s probably not the wooden puzzle we are trying to solve today.

solve Japanese Ring Puzzle

Bear in mind that not all Japanese Ring Puzzle has green and red beads. At Garage9, we can customize to customers’ liking. For example, this Rainbow Puzzle is made with LGBT flag painted on the beads to foster Equality.

P.s.: This is our prototype. We are working on the final product and name. 

How to play Japanese Ring Puzzle?

Before getting it solved, we should know about the rule and the expected outcome in advance.

The rule is pretty simple. All you have to do is to (somehow magically) move the metal ring from the green bead to the red’s or vice versa.

You can try to solve it in any possible way you can think of, without breaking the puzzle.

How to solve Japanese Ring Puzzle?

Naturally, we will want to try some obvious things such as:

  • Move the metal ring through the wooden ring
  • Get the beads through the wooden ring
  • Pull the rope out of the base

Unfortunately, the evil inventor already thought of every possible ways to teasing your brain. Those “obvious attempts” will simply NOT work.

However, it’s good to try them out as you will get more familiar with how the wooden puzzle behaves and its restrictions.

–> Buy the Puzzle

If you have seen the viral video of an old Japanese man who spent 10 years to pursue the solution, you can see how the puzzle expert from the Japanese Puzzle Association solves the wooden puzzle.

In case you did not:

To solve Japanese Ring Puzzle, we can summarize in 8-9 solution steps.

Spoiler alert – spoiler alert (think twice before proceeding):

  1. Move the left rope over the top

  2. Then move the ring up the string

  3. And move the ring close to the top

  4. Pull the rope through the wood ring

  5. Move the ring along the rope and through the loops

  6. Put the rope back through the wood ring

  7. Move the right side rope over the top

  8. Move the ring down the rope

  9. The ring is now on the other side! (congratulation)

Furthermore, you can also download our pdf guide to solve Japanese Ring Puzzle with detailed steps along with visual illustrations:

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solve Japanese Ring Puzzle 1

Garage9 carefully handcraft and inspect each and every wooden puzzle to ensure your best experience!

Finally, your nightmare of solving the Hard Ring Puzzle can officially ended here. However, I hope some of you manage to solve it on your own.

If you still don’t have the ring puzzle, go buy it HERE.