Paypal: Issue and solution

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September 11, 2017

September is coming soon and we are feeling both the heat and joy of the upcoming festive season. Hmm … to add some spices to this irresistible year end, we just found out that we got problems with Paypal – one of our payment gateways on Garage9.

Before jumping to our issues with Paypal, we want to share our story with you in advance. We are a small group of passionate wooden product producer in South East Asia. Our expertise is about creating, making and delivering both happiness and high-quality handmade products to people around the globe. It was difficult for us to learn about online selling to a large audience – we had never did it before but were willing to learn.

Our products are crafted and shipped directly from the workshop in Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam), and sometimes take up to 45-60 days to reach customers in North and South America. We know that would stir some butterflies in stomaches, but we truly appreciate the virtue of patience that most of our buyers have offered.

However, some people have utilized the delivery time against us with the money back policy from Paypal, which costs us dearly. There are 86 similar cases within the last 4 months, and we decide to call it enough.

Hence, we’ve recently withdrawn Paypal as a payment gateway on Garage9.

You can still make a purchase normally with direct transfer:

  • For customers in the America (both North and South) including Canada, USA, Mexico, Brazil, Peru …, we will ship the product directly from our new warehouse in Houston (USA) – read more HERE. After receiving the order, we will send the package to shipping services like USPS, Fedex, UPS… to fulfill it.
  • For customers living in other areas, we will ship the product from our workshop in HCMC (Vietnam). It may take a while.

Kindly note that all shippings have tracking code. If you don’t receive one, please email to for immediate support.

Furthermore, when you receive your package in an undesirable state (broken, damaged, …), please snap a photo and send us an email so that we can quickly send you a replacement or offer full refund.


We may consider to add Paypal back in the near future when we have a better plan to cope with the current situation. In a mean time, please proceed the payment with Direct Transfer.

If you really … really need help with sending payment via Paypal, please let us know.

Joy is not meant to be postponed.

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