Loop de Loop (Japanese ring puzzle)

I bet you can NOT solve this Japanese Ring Puzzle!

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Solve Loop de Loop?

The rule is simple: All you have to do is to move the ring from one ball to the other. Easy-peasy-lemon-squeeze right?

Unfortunately not! To be honest, I gave up after a week. However, there was a Japanese man named Akihara, who had spent 10 YEARS to pursue the answer. Hats off to you, sir!

Are you up for the challenge? Can you beat the puzzle within a shorter span of time? Watch the video beside!

This is a very entertaining video of one super-duper determined Japanese solver who attempts Loop de Loop. For years, he has brought the ring puzzle to many people (and a monkey, yes!!) for help, but only achieved success after contacting Mr. Yamamoto from the Japan Ring Puzzle Association. He is a top-notched puzzle expert by the way.

Spoiler alert: There are total 14 steps from start to finish. If you are about to give up, download our complete solution guide in English and French.

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  • loop de loop wooden puzzle
    I stumbled upon Garage9 after seeing the video about Loop de Loop on Youtube. The communication is superb. The wooden puzzle is sturdy. And the shipping is free and fast. In my opinion, the Desperado puzzle seems to be easier.
    Yasuke, Japan
  • japanese ring puzzle
    My son loves this little toy! He is just 5 years old; even though he can barely solve it, it is fun for me (as a mother) to see how he has struggled with it. On a bright side, he decided not to see the solution, but solved it himself. Let's see ...
    Stephanie, South Africa
  • japanese hard ring puzzle
    I ordered Loop de Loop from Garage9 for my grandfather in Canada as a gift. He has not solved it yet, but probably I will show him the video of the Japanese man who took 10 years to pursue the answer. Perhaps, we will crack some jokes together.
    Alex, USA