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Japanese Ring Puzzle journey: Tales to tell

Hi, this is Josh – the “lead” toy maker at Garage9. Since we aim to provide more informational and educational pieces of content on Garage9, this website is (on an other hand) an informal place where I can share some behind-the-scene stories behind the packaging, shipping, and making Japanese Ring Puzzle journey around the world.

Today, I will share with you some hilarious questions/event that we’ve been receiving since our first days running Garage9:

  1. Are you real? Do you exist?
  2. Our setback on eBay
  3. Rainbow balls

… please note that I will update this post frequently to reflect our joyful journey with the Japanese Ring Puzzle.

1. Proof of existence

For your curiosity, yes we (Garage9) are 100% existing and growing fast. We are a mixed hotpot of cultures and races, working together under one roof to deliver joy to people around the globe.

We have our own workshop in Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam), and currently ship 100% of our products from here, which means that if you see your wooden puzzles come from other places, they are clearly not Garage9-made :D.

japanese ring puzzle journey

Should there be any changes, I will update you on this post and our official social media channels:

“Okay, Josh! Enough talking. I demand a real proof of evidences!!”, some voices from the back …

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2. We are great wood-makers, but inexperienced sellers indeed. Ebay suspended our account!

In fact, it’s not something I feel too proud to brag about. However, we have come through this event together and wanted to reflect it in the most positive way possible.

Like most new sellers, we created a fresh eBay account to reach you toy lovers. The responses were really promising, and we hoped to increased our selling limits from 10 per month to 50. And we did.

However, after just a short period of time we received an account suspension email from eBay.

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3. Rainbow Balls

At Garage9, we believe in equality. And we will dedicate this line of new products (the Rainbow Balls) to do just that.

japanese ring puzzle

Here is our prototype with the LGBT’s flag painted on as our attempts to foster equality. Beautiful right?

We are brainstorming about a proper name for this line of Japanese Ring Puzzles … You will know soon. I promise.

Meanwhile, take care and buy Japanese Ring Puzzle now.