Japanese Ring Puzzle discount in March (to celebrate women)

japanese ring puzzle
Updates on Christmas’s orders
December 22, 2017
Japanese Ring Puzzle discount in March

Good news!! To celebrate a wonderful month (particularly for women), we offer a special Japanese Ring Puzzle discount in March.

Please apply the coupon code MARCH in your cart to get an immediate $3 discount on your order that will be shipped worldwide.

Even better if you are a woman (kindly tell us you are as we are not good at telling gender from names), the craftsmen at Garage9 will personally write you a personal card to say thank-you for making this world a better place.

Sweet? Head up here and grab your toy now:

Japanese Ring Puzzle (Video + FREE shipping)

P.s.: I nearly forget to tell you. The March deal will end at the end of March (March 31st) – make sense right? Get it before the deal is gone.