7 hardest puzzles that spin the world around

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June 23, 2017
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hardest puzzles

Impressive, isn't it? There is a line of different superplexuses!

Hardest puzzles to cry about for decades

Hi, this is Josh from Japanese ring puzzle and Garage9. Today, I’d like to share with you 7 hardest puzzles that people will likely scream out loud or run nakedly (like Archimedes) when getting them solved.

We all love all those brain teasers that stir up our boring lives, right?

Indeed, we do!

1. Japanese Ring Puzzle (Loop de Loop wooden puzzle)

People love it! And they crave for it.

I know this fact as I personally handcraft the puzzle and receive so many positive reviews from the customers.

The puzzle was first named as Loop de Loop and believed to be invented by a Canadian about two decades ago. However, the identity of the inventor is still mysteriously missing.

The rule of the game is very easy. All you have to do is to move the metal ring from one bead to another bead.

It may sound easy at first, but solving it is a real challenging journey that can blows your mind away. I’ve been through it myself.

If you know this disentanglement puzzle, I believe you’ve watched the Youtube video of an old Japanese man (Akihara-san) who spent 10 years (yes, 10 YEARS) to pursue the answer.

In case that you have never watched it, find the video below (you are welcome):

Click HERE!

You can use these purchase links:

Or from online stores on trusted platforms such as:

2. Revomaze

This revolutionary puzzle was invented by Chris Pitt in 2008 and firstly debuted on eBay around February 2009.

The resulting Revomaze is based on a revolving “Mind Maze” that requires dexterity, memory, endurance and self-control – all in large amounts that will both entertain and delight both the serious enthusiast and the novice.


From a single idea in 2008 to … well, a family of Revomaze puzzles as of now! Surely one of the hardest puzzles of all time.

People absolutely LOVE it!

I cannot resist my temptation after watching their intro video (perhaps, you too):

3. Bedlam cube

If you are familiar with the Soma Cube, you probably fall in love with the Bedlam cube immediately.

This cube is a solid dissection puzzle invented by British puzzle expert Bruce Bedlam.

The puzzle consists of thirteen polycubic pieces: twelve pentacubes and one tetracube. The objective is to assemble these pieces into a 4 x 4 x 4 cube. There are 19,186 distinct ways of doing so, up to rotations and reflections.

Bedlam Cube

The Bedlam cube is one unit per side larger than the 3 x 3 x 3 Soma cube, and is much more difficult to solve.

Two of the BBC’s ‘Dragons’ from Dragons’ Den, Rachel Elnaugh and Theo Paphitis, were to invest in the Bedlam cube during the second series. They offered £100,000 for a 15% share of equity in Bedlam Puzzles.

According to Guinness World Records, the official world record for assembling the Bedlam Cube is 11.03 seconds by Danny Bamping on 9 November 2006.

The blindfolded record is 27.21 seconds by Aleksandr Iljasov on 25 February 2008. Wow!

4. Danlock

One key is locked onto the shackle and the other is “broken” in half. Do you dare stick the small piece of the key into the lock?

How will you get is out if it doesn’t work?

brain teasers

And even if you manage to get it open, how do you lock it back with the whole key of the shackle?

Unlike most trick opening locks where the only puzzle is to open the lock, this one has, let’s say, more than two. One of the best, if not the best, trick locks around.

lock puzzle

Could this Israeli lock be one of the hardest puzzles of all time?

Dan has made other locks using the same Israeli “Nabob” lock. Trip comes with two keys, but only one opens the lock. How?

Multip (2nd photograph) has four different keys (with different lengths) that each open the lock if a different way using various techniques with each key.


Dan has this lock, and possibly some of his others, for sale.

Contact him at:

Kevin from PuzzleMad had recorded his Danlock’s experience HERE. Perhaps, you may want to skim through it.

5. Kuku ball

The Kuku has been sold by Sonic Games in the UK for quite a while already, since 2009.

hardest puzzles

Look cute though

Measuring a rather small 40mm in diameter, it comprises three symmetrical pieces which interlock together to form a sphere.

kuku ball

The three pieces are coloured polished aluminium, anodised blue and gold.

Sadly, there have been some criticism in cyberspace levied on the Kuku as to the quality of manufacture. However, it doesn’t stop Kuku puzzle ball to be one of the most interesting and difficult puzzle to solve.

The object of the puzzle is to unlock the three pieces and remove a small plastic token with an imprinted number.

Kuku ball owners, once they solve the puzzle, can register this number on the related Kuku website, play a game and stand to win a prize.

My pressing question is: Can you solve this impenetrable metal puzzle ball? 

6. Superplexus (also known as Perplexus)

Do you even know what ‘perplexus’ even means?

perplexus (adjective)

  • entangledmuddled; intricatecryptic; confused

Perplexus, also known as Superplexus, is a complex, 3-dimensional labyrinth that can be traced by a ball bearing.

hardest puzzles

Impressive, isn’t it? There is a line of different Perplexuses that you can find from this website!

It is difficult to describe in words, and is not so easy to understand in picture form either. Perplexus is best understood by picking it up and playing with it.

Learning to play takes no time at all. It can be universally understood; there is no language barrier, and it has only one very simple rule- don’t fall off the track!

That said, Perplexus is not easy. It is a skill and action game that takes time to master. The game helps develop hand-eye coordination and spatial skills.

There is an “aha!” moment when someone for the first time picks up the game, says “What the heck is this thing? What do I do?” and then understands the entire concept.

Invented and popularized by Michael McGinnis, he encourages you to send him an email to suggest more ways to play, which means it has many other ways to play yet to be discovered.

7. Isis / Ramisis Puzzle

Since I cannot decide to choose between Isis and Ramisis Puzzle to include in this post, I think it’s a good idea to them both (as they come from the same company – Sonic Games).

I’ve been obsessed with ancient Egypt tales for years, and these puzzles just fit in with my desire!

brain teasing puzzles

Read this introduction and tell me that you are not aroused at all:

“If you are ready, lets begin!

The key is hidden within an object they call the isis.

You will need to open the isis using your mind, not your strength.

If you damage the isis, the secret will be lost forever.”

Wow, I am definitely in.

This is simply my personal opinion about the top interesting and hardest puzzles to have, solve, and make fun of your friends.

If you have more hardest puzzles to add, please drop us a line in the contact box below. Love to be enlightened!