Garage9 Introduces Handcrafted Japanese Ring Puzzles

japanese ring puzzle
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July 29, 2017
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August 8, 2017
handcrafted japanese ring puzzles

Based in Vietnam, the company is currently the only place in the world offering handcrafted Japanese Ring Puzzles, reports


(Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam)—International wooden product company Garage9 announced the introduction of their handcrafted Japanese Ring Puzzles. The company is currently the only place in the world hand-making these famed and beloved wooden disentanglement puzzles, which are among the most sought-after games in the world. The Garage9 team has shipped more than 1,000 ring puzzles to the doorsteps of passionate puzzle solvers around the globe and offers free global shipping as an incentive for those who want to get in on the fun.

“Simply put, our Japanese Ring puzzle is one of the most challenging puzzles of all time. It gained worldwide notoriety after a video (*) went viral depicting a 73 year-old Japanese man named Akihara who had been rather hilariously trying to figure out how to complete the puzzle for 10 years, even bringing the puzzle to a monkey for help. The video inspired many laughs, and people even started calling our toy the ‘Japanese ring puzzle’ as a result. We’re thrilled to have the opportunity to bring this joy and fun into people’s lives as they take on the challenge of solving this Japanese Ring And Rope Puzzle,” said Josh of Garage9.

Japanese Ring Puzzle meticulously made by Garage9 is undoubtedly a very good exercise for anyone’s brain and determination as well as bringing some excitement into their lives.

handcrafted japanese ring puzzles

The object of this brain teaser is to move the metal ring from one ball to the other in the shortest possible time span. Many people have failed miserably.

Josh went on to say, “Our toys are carefully designed to suit any gender at any age, from beginners to the advanced puzzle solvers. The best part about Garage9 is that our products ship worldwide for free, which means families all over the globe can get their hands on the Japanese Hard Ring Puzzle without breaking their budget. Our company is where quality craftsmanship meets endless fun, and we could not be prouder of each piece that leaves our hands and arrives on a customers’ heart.”

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About Garage9:

The team at Garage9 focuses on developing and manufacturing interesting and innovative wooden products which continuously deliver joy to people. In addition to the notorious Japanese Ring Puzzle, they are the inventors behind Lamplay – the canvas that lights up, which can be found at

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