Buy Japanese ring puzzle: Where to do it right?

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June 1, 2017
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You want to buy Japanese ring puzzle? You are not alone!

‘Where to buy Japanese ring puzzle?’ is probably one of the most frequent questions that we (at Garage9) have received lately, thanks to the viral of this entertaining video about an old Japanese man who took 10 YEARS to solve the stubborn wooden puzzle.

Some people believe that Japanese hard ring puzzle (also known as Loop de Loop) is brought to life from a genius mind of a Canadian who is obsessed with solving grueling puzzles.

Yes, we challenge you to solve it without downloading the cheat sheet from our website! Don’t look for the solution from Youtube neither …

Enough said, where to buy Japanese ring puzzle?

Despite a huge demand from fans and curious home sapiens, Garage9 is among very few places that handcraft and make Japanese ring puzzle for sale.

Beside this official company website, we are also available at other online marketplaces such as Bonanza, Brisksale, Etsy, Ebay, etc.

If you are more familiar with these marketplaces, you can head over there from the links below.

However, please bear in mind that this website often runs discount campaign (for instance: Apply coupon code FB5 for a special discount :D)!

There is a rule of thumb that whenever you buy Japanese Ring Puzzle on eBay, Amazon, or other online marketplaces, just remember to check whether the manufacturer is Garage9.

We do not compromise on product quality!

There are some people already trying to copy our products; however, the quality is not as close (even the product is a neither playable nor safe wooden puzzle to toy around). We bought and tested them all.

Even better, here we offer FREE shipping worldwide with the sole aim to deliver joy to people around the world.

Japanese Ring Puzzle (Video + FREE shipping)

Each of the puzzles will be handmade meticulously with a name of your “personal” craftsman written on a removable sticker at the back of the toy.

Words of caution

We personally find it really interesting to try solving the Japanese ring puzzle on your own first.

It is perfectly OKAY to not be able to solve it within 1 or 2 weeks, or even months. Remember the Japanese man who spent 10 years to pursue the answer?

However, as long as you spend time to understand and truly appreciate the beauty behind the designed puzzle, you will find that the most rewarding part is not about getting it solved but the journey to explore possibilities to solve it.

By then, you can safely download the solution guide (in French and English) for help. And you don’t have to read all 14 steps at once (oops, sorry I should not spoil your fun).

You can slowly read first few steps, and try to solve the rest by yourself. 🙂


To help you start, we offer a secret coupon code ‘FB5‘ for $5 discount. Please apply it when checking out.

And Josh (our awesome customer support) is always ready to assist you with any inquisitive question you may have. Don’t worry! We love absurd inquiries – drop us some at .

Now, it is your turn. Buy Japanese ring puzzle today and begin your brain teasing journey!

Japanese ring puzzle: The 10-year curse