Awesome products added to Garage9. Yippee!

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Where to buy Japanese Ring Puzzle in …?
September 11, 2017
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Updates on Christmas’s orders
December 22, 2017
awesome products

More awesome products – More fun!

As you have probably know that our website Garage9 is most famous for the notorious Japanese Ring Puzzle, the wooden puzzle is only one of many awesome products we have to offer you.

We have decided to expand our product line beyond wooden toys. We would love to offer you high-quality, traditional, handmade goods from Vietnam at the most affordable price.

awesome products

This is our best selling product, but not our only one.

And FREE shipping of course – that’s our cornerstone policy.

Product lines

We will be supplying these products individually or in bulk (please inquire us by email):

  • Vietnamese conical hats (also known as non la, coolie hat, etc.): These traditional hats are handmade from straws and are the icon of elegance and high fashion.
  • Self-balancing animals (dragonfly, bird, turtle, phoenix, butterfly, etc.) handmade from bamboo: They are more relaxing and entertaining than fidget spinners I promise. Plus, you can unleash your creativity to decorate your living space with these items too.
  • Small ceramics goods and wooden products
  • Animal ocarinas (different types of animals with unique paint cover): They are firstly made from clay in Hoi An, and then get hand-painted with food-safe grade paint. Each item is unique!

At the same time, we also add some awesome products from Artfini – our sibling company.

Garage9 is a part of Artfini, a company that specializes in researching, innovating and shipping wooden products all over the world.

Artfini is the inventor of Lamplay – the canvas that lights. For more detail, please visit: . Remember that you can customize your own design also.

awesome products

This is Lamplay – It deceives your eyes surely.

What we hope

By offering more high quality and handmade products from Vietnam, we hope to give you the most value for your money.

Not only that, we donate a part of our revenue to support poor children in rural areas in Vietnam, and teach them necessary skills to earn a living.

Together, we are helping those children and I am glad to have you on board!

What we can do better?

We are actively looking for different ways that we can improve ourselves and serve our customers better. Please let us know if you:

  • Have a product idea that you want us to help manufacture
  • Suggest other Vietnamese products that you want to purchase
  • Think we can improve in certain areas (for instance, customer service, website design, …)

Contact us here: